Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Daniel reviews Wakko's Wish


Now, like a lot of people, I love Animaniacs. The Warners, Pinky and The Brain and all the other characters cause me to laugh, think, and laugh again. But here's the problem, the series ended in 1998. No new episodes unless you count the stuff they did with Pinky and The Brain. So, Stephen Speilberg and the rest of the people who did the show gave us the made-for-video movie Wakko's Wish.

THIS, my friends, is one of the things that makes me cry. The story is about how there was a kingdom called Warnerstock, and how the king, Sir William the Good, dies. Because of the fighting to control the kingdom, Ticktockia takes over and Warnerstock is controled by King Salizar. Everybody hates him so they go bankrupt. That leads to taxes, and making the entire country, especially a small village called Acme Falls poor. The orphanage shuts down leaving three children, Yakko, Wakko and Dot, on the streets. Wakko, at night, wishes on a star, and somehow picks the real star to wish on, causing a bright light that when you touch the fallen star you get one wish. Everybody finds out, including Baron von Plotz (The Warner CEO from the series) Ralph, and King Salizar. Salizar wants The Warners dead, and almost kills Dot.

Cue my tears

It turns out Dot didn't die, Wakko gets his wish, two ha'pennies, and when Dot gets her operation, they find out that they are the true rulers of the kingdom. Everybody is happy, the end.

It's good, despite the times that cause me serious emotional distress, but I still like it. I would suggest it, but it's either watch it on tape, or watch it on Youtube. No DVD release as of now. Come on Warner Bros. get your head out of your collective asses and release Wakko's Wish on DVD and Blu-ray!

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