Thursday, January 24, 2013

Daniel reviews A Charlie Brown Christmas


It was 1965, and Peanuts was the most popular comic strip. Lee Mendelson, a friend of Charles Shultz, got a call from Coca-Cola and was asked if they had a Charlie Brown TV special planned out. He went along with it and said yes. They had a week to do it. Lee called Sparky (As Charles liked to be called) and he called Bill Melendez, an animator. They worked as hard as they could, getting voice actors, who were children no less, to create one of the most memorable specials of all time.

The special is so well known that you could recite the plot by heart. Charlie Brown is depressed (of course.) and can't understand the holidays. Lucy, who I think shouldn't be this helpful, tells Charlie Brown that they are having a Christmas pageant and she made him the director. The problem is, they need a tree. Charlie Brown gets the shittiest tree known to man, everybody makes fun of him, Linus recites stuff from the King James version of the Bible, everybody forgives Charlie Brown, the end.

Of course, I think it's good. But that is NOT why I reviewed this special.

Recently, the voice actor of Charlie Brown in this and It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, Peter Robbins, was arrested for stalking his ex wife and threatening her son's life. He was heading over the border, and border patrol saw the warrant out for him and arrested him. If convicted, he might have 9 months, or more.

Good grief. 

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